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Pharmacy Courses in India

Pharmacy courses in India are a good career option for science students. They can also become optometrists, pharmacists and dentists. The students will have to complete their graduation degree in Pharmacy or opt for Pharma courses online first before they can apply for these jobs in India. Aspirants going for Pharma Courses in India can get a lot of job opportunities in the future. They will be able to work in hospitals, dispensaries and other medical facilities. Many reputed institutes in India offer pharmacy courses.  In this blog, you will learn about Diploma in Pharmacy, D Pharma, B Pharma, M Pharma, and PhD in Pharmacy.

Diploma in Pharmacy 

  1. A Diploma in Pharmacy is a three-year course. 
  2. It is a professional degree. 
  3. It is a post-graduate programme (PGPM). 
  4. It can be taken as regular courses or full-time ones depending on the availability of seats in colleges and universities. The duration of these Pharmacy courses in India varies from two years to three years depending on the institution. Where you want to study for your diploma; however, it should be noted that most institutions offer only one-year courses for their diplomas due to lack of financial support from the government departments like Higher Education Commission (HEC)

B Pharma: Pharma courses in India 

B Pharma is a four-year undergraduate degree program which is offered by various universities in India. It is a four-year course with an annual intake of 70 students. The course curriculum includes subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biochemistry, Organic chemistry and Pharmaceutics. 

M Pharma 

M Pharma is a postgraduate degree. The course duration is 2 years, and it’s offered by IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad and the University of Madras. 

The minimum eligibility for M Pharma is a B Pharma degree or equivalent qualification with at least 50% marks in aggregate along with 12th result or equivalent examination results from a recognized board with at least 50% marks in aggregate as on 31st July 2018 (for admission to first year) or 31st December 2018 (after second year). 

Pharma Courses

Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy 

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSCP) is a four-year undergraduate degree program with an additional one-year internship. Many universities across the country offer it, including Anna University and JNU. The course is designed to prepare students for careers in pharmacy, which are being increasingly demanded in India due to its growing healthcare needs. 

The syllabus includes general chemistry, organic & biochemistry, biotechnology, and physics among others. Students will also be required to take part in lab work such as research projects or clinical rotations during their second year at college level or during their internship period if applicable 

Masters of Science in Pharmacy 

M.Sc. in Pharmacy is a two-year full-time postgraduate degree course offered by various universities in India. The course is open to students with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy or equivalent from any country, provided that they have passed the qualifying exam of the Chartered Institute of Pharmacy (CIP). 

The curriculum primarily covers medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutics, clinical pharmacy practice and research methods for pharmaceutical sciences/biotechnology-related disciplines like biochemistry, molecular biology and physiology as well as pharmacology & toxicology etc. Which will enable you to understand how drugs work on your body systemically. 

Available Pharma Courses Online 

Online pharmacy courses are available in India. The cost of online pharmacy courses in India is less than traditional courses and can be completed at home, allowing you to work on the course. At the same time, taking care of your family or other responsibilities. Online pharmacy courses in India also allow students to take their exams whenever they want, not just early in the morning when most people are awake and ready for their first class.

Online pharmacy programs are more flexible than traditional programs because they do not require students to sit through lectures daily but instead allow them to learn while doing other things like watching TV or playing video games! Finally, these programs offer many benefits like convenience (you don’t have to leave home), accessibility (students can take classes from anywhere), and affordability.


Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharma D) 

Pharma D is a postgraduate degree. Both private and government colleges and universities in India offer it. The course lasts four years, after which you’ll be awarded your degree as a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharma D)

Pharmacy D is a professional degree and It requires a lot of preparation. Before you can start taking pharmacy exams like MCQs or KPI tests. 

Pharmacy courses are a good career option for science students in India. 

Pharmacy courses in India are a good option for science students. This is because the pharmacist has to understand the chemistry and biology of drugs. And be aware of the regulations governing their use. In this way, pharmacists can help patients with their medical problems by prescribing specific medications that suit each patient’s needs. 

The demand for pharmacists is expected to grow in India. Over the next decade due to population growth and aging demographics; however, only about 4000 jobs are currently available. 

In conclusion, it can be suggested that pharmacy courses in India are a good career option for science students. They can help you earn money and learn new things about medicines and their uses in patients. 

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