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Article/Research Paper Writing & Publication

Aimlay’s Article/Research Paper Writing and Publication service is top-notch as Our Team of Experts ensure Quality before anything.

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What is Research Paper/Article Writing & Publication?

This service is for researchers who wish to collaborate with us in paper writing, editing, and publishing their research paper in a recognized international journal

We aim to help you publish your research paper/article in a recognized journal within the shortest possible time.

We are specialised in

How our Team of Professionals will help you with your Article/Research Paper Writing & Publication?

Step 1 : Submission of Proposal

The Researcher submits his Proposal and relevant materials.

Step 2 : Editing of Proposal by Professional Editors

The editors review and edit the proposal for ensuring that it meets all the requirements for publication in a recognized journal.

Step 3 : Recommendation on Journal Choice

We recommend appropriate Journals as per your Research.

Step 4 : Submission of Research Paper/Article to Journal & Follow-up Actions.

We submit your paper/article to selected journals & carry out follow-up actions, including submission of revised paper/article(s), based on reviewers' comments.
If the research article is accepted for publication, we update you about its publication date.

Our Experts will provide you with the best guidance for your Research Paper Writing & Publication:

  1. We also have a team for editing, formatting and proofreading which will make your work unique.
  2. Aimlay are committed to our clients for providing plagiarism free work with accurate citation format for all research papers, articles and journals. 
  3. We deliver 100% authentic work before deadline. So feel relax about your paper/article writing and publication support just leave it on us.

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FAQ’s on Paper Writing & Publication

Is there anyone that could help me with my research paper?

Publishing a paper requires a lot of work and a lot of time. Publishing a paper can be very hard if you don’t have someone to help you with all the steps. 

So Yes, Aimlay is the one stop solution for all academic writing including thesis paper, research paper, review papers, articles and dissertations. 

Why are research papers important?

A research paper is not just an academic exercise; it’s an opportunity to share your findings with others. A good research paper will give readers a glimpse into your thinking and help them understand what you’ve learned. It’s not just about getting the facts and figures right, but also about explaining how those facts and figures make sense in relation to the subject matter of the paper. That’s why we at Aimlay are committed to providing outstanding academic writing services. We offer a full range of academic writing services including thesis paper, research paper, review papers, articles and dissertations. 

What are research papers? Are they different from other papers?

A research paper is a written work that provides information about a topic. The two main purposes of research papers are to show how the researcher has investigated a particular topic and to provide the reader with new facts or findings. 

What if I am not eligible to write a research paper as it is a hard process? 

Sure, it’s hard. But it’s also exciting! 

The whole thing is a rollercoaster of emotions: you’re going to take time off from your life, get into a zone where nothing else matters except what you’re doing—and then when it’s done, you’ll have something tangible to show for it. You can’t beat that feeling of accomplishment! 

Can I trust online publishers for my research paper?

Writing a research paper is hard, it requires a constant mind and thorough research. But shouldn’t it be easier than that? Shouldn’t there be some way to publish without all that work? The answer is yes, but only if you know what you’re doing. 

There are plenty of sites out there who will help you publish your papers and make sure that they reach the right people; this means that all the hard work has already been done for you! You just have to give them your paper and let them do their thing. 

The problem is that these sites are often fake and don’t deliver what they promise (which is why we recommend against using them). So how do we know if one of these sites is legit or not? It’s actually pretty easy: if they claim they can help with every step of publishing a research paper, then they probably won’t be able to explain the steps, but might try to confuse you with vague information. 

So instead of spending hours and hours editing and formatting your work, contact our professionals. 

What would be the difference between me writing a research paper or hiring someone to do it?
  1. There are many legitimate online publishers that can help you publish your research paper. Some of them are free—but for the best results, you should try to use one that charges a small fee for their services.  
  2. They have different levels of capabilities: some allow you to choose from a wide range of templates; others offer custom-designed templates for specialized topics.  
  3. Some allow one-click publishing; others require more steps before they send out your completed work.  
  4. Some charge by volume; some don’t charge anything at all! And so on.  
  5. It’s important to note that not all online publishers are created equal, some may have good customer service but poor quality templates; others like Aimlay are well lit with excellent customer feedback. 
How is publishing a journal article on my own different from publishing a book on Amazon or writing an eBook on your own website?

It’s important to remember that publishing a journal article is different from publishing a book on Amazon or writing an eBook on your own website. The latter two examples are more like self-publishing—you’re doing all the work yourself, and you’re not getting paid for it. 

Journal articles tend to be lengthy and require time-consuming editing and proofreading; they often need to be peer-reviewed by experts before they’re published in journals. This process adds another layer of work on top of what you already had planned for your research paper: you have to write, edit, review, revise, submit all over again. 

But if you’re willing to put in the time and effort required for publishing a journal article, there are some benefits: having an academic record with your name attached will help when applying for jobs or grants; having a publication on record will also help when applying for grants or fellowships. 

Honorable Clients

I'm going to highly recommend that you all take services from Aimlay and let them guide you through your research paper, and article writing up to its publication process.
Priya Tomar
I have been working with Aimlay for the last two years and they have been very instrumental in providing me with a great service. I am extremely happy with their work, content, the experts they hire to work on my paper, their timely deliveries, and the overall quality of work that they provide me with. The one thing that I love about them is that they are very approachable, patient, and understanding as to what I am looking for.
Arun Kumar