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The VALUES Of Honorary Doctorate

Honorary Doctorate is a prestigious title, which is given to a person who has contributed to the field of education or research.

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Honorary Doctorate – An Award of a Lifetime


Honorary Doctorate serve as a remarkable form of recognition for individuals who have made outstanding contributions to society. It serves as a prestigious award depicting the achievements and impact that the individual made. 
For the awardee, an honorary degree can boost their reputation, credibility, and influence, widening horizons to new networks. It can also serve as a source of motivation and validation for their work, encouraging them to continue making immense contributions. 
Overall, an honorary degree is a powerful symbol of appreciation and recognition, showcasing the importance of innovation and excellence in society. 

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Honorary doctorate

FAQ’s on Honorary Doctorate

What is an Honorary Degree?

An honorary doctorate is a reputable award provided by a university or institution to recognize a person’s outstanding contributions to a particular field. 

Who is eligible to receive an honorary doctorate?

Individuals who have made crucial contributions to their specific field or society with exceptional achievement. 

How are Individuals selected for an honorary doctorate?

Individuals for Honorary Doctorate are chosen based upon the nomination and review process by various governing bodies. 

What are the basic criteria for an honorary doctorate?

Criteria for getting an honorary doctorate differ from university to institution but includes a proven track record of achievements in a relevant field of knowledge. 

Are there different types of honorary doctorates?

There are various types of honorary doctorates, for example Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.), Doctor of Laws (LL.D.), Doctor of Humanities (D.Hum.) and Doctor of Science (Sc.D.). 

How does one apply for an honorary doctorate?

The process for applying for an honorary doctorate includes processing a formal nomination with appropriate supporting documentation. 

Can an honorary doctorate be revoked?

No, in many cases an honorary doctorate cant be revoked but in highly extreme and critical experiences, universities can take up the chance to revoke an honorary doctorate. 


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