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As we all know that there are many universities that is a fake university or a college in India. These are the top 5 steps to check the authenticity of any university or college. As you have already done your selection, now you have to verify it. You can do this by contacting different authorities like UGC, AICTE etc. Which will help you in getting information about the University; its license and approval status, affiliation status with government bodies etc. 

As we all know that there are many fake universities and colleges in India

As we all know that there are many fake universities and colleges in India. Fake universities and colleges are not recognized by the UGC. They are not affiliated to any university or college, registered with UGC or AICTE etc.. The main goal of these fake institutes is to lure students by offering them good salaries and job opportunities after completion of their studies at these bogus institutions. 

Why should you check the Authenticity of any University? 

There are many reasons why you should check the authenticity of any university. It is important to do so because: 

  • – Avoid wasting time and money 
  • – Avoid getting into trouble with the UGC, police and government 

If you don’t know what fake universities are and how to detect them, read on! 

These are some steps to follow a Genuine University: 

Here are some steps to follow a Genuine University: 

  1. License and Approval. It is important to check if the university is licensed by the government or not. If a university does not have license, then it means that there is no trust on its degrees and diplomas from other universities as well. 
  2. Official Website of University or College. You must visit this official website of the college in order for you to know about its history, mission statement, syllabus etc.. So that when you apply for admission in this institution then your application will be successful without any doubts. Only genuine institutions provide their information about themselves without any hidden agendas behind them i.e.. whether anyone else has already applied before you). 

1 – Check License and Approval 

The first step to check the authenticity of any university is to verify that it has a valid license. To do this, you can visit their official website or contact them directly via email or phone number listed on their website. If they don’t respond to your queries within 24 hours, then there might be something fishy about them! They will also provide information regarding the licensing status of their institution in order for you to make an informed decision about whether or not you want to pursue further education at this particular institution (or not). You should also inquire about any affiliation with other educational institutions such as colleges/universities in other countries. This means that students from those places may have been able 

to come here without proper authorization from immigration officials before entering India; therefore making sure immigration clearance papers are valid before proceeding further down. This path would certainly help prevent any legal issues later down road as well! 

2 – Check Official Website 

  1. Look for the official website of the university. 
  2. Look for the logo. 
  3. Check if there is a contact number and email address on their website. 
  4. Check if it’s secure and safe to use (HTTPS). 
  5. Is it active? If you are unable to find information about how often they update their website or if they have any other contact details, then it could be a fake university! 

3 – Check University Affiliation 

The next step is to check if the university is affiliated to any university, recognized by UGC (Central Commission for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe), MHRD (Ministry of Human Resource Development), AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and MCI (Medical Council Of India). 

4 – Check Accreditation Status 

Accreditation is a process of quality assurance. It involves the assessment and examination of education, training, and research institutions to ensure that they meet standards required by their institution or program. Accreditation may be done by an external body (such as the Council on Higher Education) or through a self-assessment by an institutional authority or entity. 

Accreditation is voluntary in nature and has no legal consequences for failing to comply with its standards; however it does provide some recognition for institutions who have met certain criteria set out by various bodies around the world including: 


5 – Check Ranking of University or College 

Rankings are important but not the only thing to consider. A university that ranks high in national rankings might be a good choice for you, but it does not mean that the faculty is excellent or the students have good educational experience. This can also be true for colleges and universities in other countries as well. 

6 – Check Campus Location of University or College 

  1. Check Campus Location of University or College 
  2. Identify the location of the university on Google Maps and Street View 
  3. Check the location of the university on Google Satellite View & Earth view 

University Selections are Important Decisions 

Selecting the right university is a big decision. There are many fake universities in India. It is important to check the authenticity of any university you are considering. 

Checking the authenticity of any university will help you avoid being scammed by an online scammer or some other type of fraud. When looking for real information about a particular institution, always check its license and approval, official website, university affiliation/affiliation with other institutions (e.g., affiliations with colleges), accreditation status (if applicable), ranking among other universities etc., among others 

Don’t be fooled by the Fake Universities, Colleges or degrees 

The first step to do before going ahead with your admission is to check for the authenticity of the university. This can be done by visiting the official website and looking at some of its features. You may also want to look at their social media accounts, Facebook page and even YouTube channel if they have one. If you find any mistakes or irregularities on these websites then it will be hard for them to convince you that they are authentic. 

Another way of checking an institution’s authenticity is by looking into their courses offered by them as well as their library collection. If there are no books or journals available then this means nothing except that they cannot offer good education facilities because they don’t have enough funds available for such things; therefore make sure that everything looks legit before signing up with them! 

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All the above steps are very important to check the authenticity of any university or college. You can also check the University website and if you find any fake universities then report them by following these steps.

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