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As India’s national language, Hindi has had a significant cultural and historical impact on the country. Mahatma Gandhi, known as the ‘Father of the Nation’, had always dreamed of a Hindi-speaking India. But is this dream truly attainable? In this blog, we will delve deeper into the importance of Hindi language with the help of the inspiring story of Mr. Rajendra Sharma. 

The Story of Mr. Rajender Sharma 

Mr. Sharma is an Honorary Doctorate in Hindi from the NIILM University, and he has contributed significantly to the promotion and development of the Hindi language. When we asked him about his journey and how he got to where he is today, he credited the Aimlay team for supporting him throughout his journey, which enabled him to achieve this great feat. He was elated and happy that he could bring this honour to his family and the larger community. 

Family History: 

  • Coming from a military background where he had initially thought of joining the army, Mr. Sharma’s life took a different turn, and he chose the field of Hindi language instead.  
  • When asked why he chose Hindi, he conveyed that Hindi is not just a language but an emotion that he feels deeply connected to.  
  • He believes that Hindi is the soul of the nation, and to connect with the country and its people, one must understand the significance and beauty of the Hindi language. 

His Values and Contributions 

Why did he choose Hindi Language? 

As a teacher, Mr. Sharma felt it was his responsibility to educate and spread awareness about the importance of the Hindi language, especially among today’s youth.  

He realized the threat of the Hindi language slowly losing its significance and being overshadowed by other languages. So, he took the initiative to teach underprivileged students as well as those belonging to different socioeconomic backgrounds. 

  • Mr. Sharma said that he believed in starting at the grassroots level to create a significant impact. And true to his word, he started taking Hindi language classes for these students.  
  • He not only taught them the language but also instilled within them a sense of pride and appreciation for Hindi.  
  • His aim was to impart the knowledge and benefits of the Hindi language to students so that they can use it as a tool for communication, expression, and connection. 


When asked about his contributions, Mr. Sharma said that he wanted to make Hindi a language that was accessible and spoken by people from all walks of life. He felt that people often overlooked the beauty of the Hindi language, which is a composition of various dialects and languages. And it is this diversity that makes Hindi a unique language that connects people from every corner of the country. 

Mr. Sharma had dedicated years of his life to this field and had received many accolades. Still, the Honorary Doctorate in Hindi from the NIILM University held a special place in his heart. He felt that this honour was not just for him but for the Hindi language he had committed his life to. 

Significance of the Hindi Field 

The Hindi language has always been pivotal in Indian history and culture. It is a language that binds people from diverse backgrounds, languages, and religions, providing common ground for community building. However, with the proliferation of the internet and the rise of globalization, the younger generation slowly seems to be distancing themselves from the Hindi language, which is a cause of concern. 

The role of Hindi in contemporary India is more important than ever as it helps preserve the country’s cultural and linguistic diversity. Furthermore, as a lingua franca, Hindi enables individuals from different regions and dialects to communicate with each other in familiar terrain. 

How can you achieve the same greatness as Mr. Rajender Sharma? 

At Aimlay, we know that your contributions have the utmost significance and we value your hard work towards your chosen field, hence our honorary doctorate support has all the resources to make you known for your accomplishments.  

If you’re also interested in making history and also add a Dr. to your name, contact us today and get started with a wonderful process of making a name for yourself.  

In conclusion, Hindi is not just a language but an emotion that binds the nation together. Whether for communication or expression, Hindi plays an essential role in connecting individuals and communities. Mr Sharma’s story is a testament to the significance of the Hindi language and highlights the need to educate and spread awareness about its relevance among today’s youth. Through his relentless efforts, Mr Sharma has taken significant steps to promote the Hindi language and contributed significantly to its preservation and development. 

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