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phd subjects

PhD subjects are the study of particular areas within the field of knowledge. They may be based on a specific research topic or cover many subjects within a discipline. There are many different types of PhD subjects; most are taught at universities across the UK and India. 

PhD Subject list that we discover in this blog 

Here is a list of PhD Subjects or courses that we discuss in this blog in detail:

  1. PhD in Biology 
  2. PhD in Biochemistry 
  3. PhD admission in Architecture and Planning 
  4. PhD in Business Administration 
  5. PhD in Advertising & Mass Communication Course 
  6. PhD in Education 
  7. PhD in Engineering and Technology 
  8. PhD in Environmental Science 
  9. PhD in History 
  10. PhD in Literature 
  11. PhD in Law 
  12. PhD in Library Science 
  13. PhD in Materials Technology 
  14. PhD in Mathematics 
  15. PhD in Medicine 

PhD in Biology, biochemistry and other life sciences 

PhD in Biochemistry is a Subject of PhD program and it is also the study of chemical processes within living organisms. It can be divided into several subdisciplines, such as biophysics (the physics of life) and molecular biology (the study of genetic information). The other life sciences include genetics and microbiology. 

PhD in Biology is the science subjects that studies living things — plants, animals, fungi, and bacteria. Biologists study their structure and function in detail so they can understand how they work or what makes them different from one another. 

Biomedical scientists apply their knowledge about biology to medicine; for example, an epidemiologist might research causes for diseases like cancer or heart disease by studying large populations over time; an immunologist researches ways to treat infections by destroying harmful bacteria with specific antibodies; a physiologist studies how organs function physiologically; etc… 

PhD in Architecture and Planning 

  1. The built environment 
  2. Planning policy and practice 
  3. Planning theory and history, including: 
  4. Politics of planning 
  5. Urban design, urban renewal and regeneration (also known as ‘top down’ planning) 
  6. Residential architecture – houses and flats in town or country areas, houses on estates, schools, industrial estates. Theoretical approaches include Functionalism; Social Theory; Marxist Theory; Post Industrial Society Theory etc.. Historical examples include Ebenezer Howard’s Garden Cities Movement which advocated for planned towns based upon garden villages surrounded by green belts; Le Corbusier who designed modernist buildings such as his famous Chapel at Ronchamp near Lyon where he worked with artists such as Kandinsky who created murals for the chapel walls – these are still visible today! 

PhD in Business Administration studies 

PhD in Business Administration subjects studies is a broad subject area encompassing a wide range of disciplines. The subject area covers a range of areas including accounting, marketing, human resources, management and finance. 

It’s one of the most popular subjects for PhD students because it provides you with the skills you’ll need to find employment in an expanding economy or to start your own business. 

PhD in Advertising and Mass Communication 

PhD in Advertising and Mass Communication subjects, cultural and media studies is a broad subject that covers the study of the media, communication and culture. It’s an important subject in today’s world as it has been around for thousands of years but it still continues to grow into new areas. 

It’s a multidisciplinary PhD subjects involving everything from textiles to video games. aspirants can choose from any combination of these three fields – they could even combine them all together! 


Computing is the study of computers and their applications. It can be divided into several subfields, including computer architecture, software engineering and artificial intelligence. 

Computing research topics include: 

Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) concerns itself with problems that can be solved by computers. Examples include mathematical modeling of algorithms for approximation algorithms and computational complexity theory; geometric object oriented programming languages; verification methods for software systems based on formal methods (e.g., theorem proving); analysis of probabilistic models from machine learning research in order to understand their properties better at a higher level than just using intuition alone (“theory crafting”). 

PhD in Education 

PhD in Education is a broad subjects with many sub-fields. It can be studied at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate level. It can be studied in many different countries and cultures around the world. For example: 

  • The education of children varies greatly across cultures, but some basic elements are common to all children—including learning how to speak or read (language acquisition) as well as how to play games together (socialization). Children also learn about their environment through play activities such as playing house or sandcastles; these are examples of symbolic behavior that help them understand what life might be like outside their home community 

PhD in Engineering and technology 

The PhD in Engineering and technology subjects list is a comprehensive guide to the most popular subjects currently taught at universities, colleges and institutes of higher education. You can use this list as a starting point for further study or research on your own. 

This subject list includes: 

  1. Civil Engineering 
  2. Computer Science 
  3. Electrical Engineering 
  4. Mechanical Engineering 

PhD in Environmental science 

PhD in Environmental science subjects is a broad field of study that covers all aspects of the environment. It involves the physical, chemical, biological and social aspects of Earth’s ecosystems. The field encompasses many different areas: 

  1. Atmospheric sciences – this includes topics like air pollution and climate change. 
  2. Biology – the study of living things in their natural habitat. Examples include ecology (the study of how organisms interact with each other), biogeography (the distribution patterns of living things) and evolution (the change over time). 
  3. Geography – involves studying landforms, soils composition etc., as well as how these shape human activities such as agriculture or mining.

PhD admission

PhD in Historical and philosophical studies 

PhD in Historical and philosophical studies are broad subjects that cover the written record of human experience and knowledge, including the social sciences and humanities. Philosophical research is concerned with general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, language. Philosophers also study how people think about these things; for example: what does it mean for something to be ‘good’? What makes us believe that one thing exists rather than another? 

PhD in Literature 

PhD in Literature is important subjects in today’s world. They can be used to communicate with people from other countries, study other cultures and learn about different cultures. 

Languages include: English, French and Spanish (Europe); Chinese and Japanese (Asia); Arabic or Farsi (Middle East); Russian or Ukranian (Russia/Ukraine). 

PhD in Law 

  1. What is PhD in Law
  2. Law is a very broad subject, which means that there are many different types of law. In the United States, we have state laws and federal (national) laws. These different kinds of laws are divided into two main groups: civil and criminal. Civil law covers everything from property rights to contracts to torts (civil wrongs). Criminal law deals with how people should be punished for breaking laws; it also includes crimes against persons like murder or rape—and sometimes even more serious crimes like terrorism or treason! 

PhD in Library Science and information management 

PhD in Library Science and Information Management is a subjects that covers a wide range of skills. It can be quite challenging, but it also offers the opportunity to work with people and help them find the information they need. If you enjoy working with people and want to help them find the information they need, this could be a good choice for you. Additionally, librarianship provides an opportunity to learn how information is stored and accessed (for example, how databases are organized). 

PhD in Materials technology 

PhD in Materials science is the study of all things that are made from materials. It includes such fields as metallurgy, ceramics and polymers (plastics), composites (combining different kinds of materials), paints, dyes and pigments. Materials technology is used in designing and manufacturing aircraft, cars, ships and bridges; power stations; industrial processes such as oil refining; pharmaceuticals — you name it! 

PhD in Mathematics 

PhD in Mathematics is a general term for the study of patterns and relationships. It’s an essential part of many PhD subjects, including physics, chemistry and biology. 

Mathematics is not just about numbers or formulas – it involves getting your brain to work in different ways so that you can see how things fit together. For example, if you wanted to find out how many people there are on earth (around 7 billion), then mathematics would be used because you have to count them up! 

PhD in Medicine and dentistry (clinical) science subjects allied to medicine 

PhD in Medicine and dentistry science subjects allied to medicine study the body’s systems, tissues, organs and functions. These subjects are usually taught at tertiary level by various medical colleges in India. 

The main advantage of these PhD subjects is that they provide an opportunity for you to develop your knowledge about human biology and physiology as well as gain an understanding about diseases or disorders affecting humans. Moreover, you can learn about germs that cause diseases such as tuberculosis or leprosy etc., which will help you understand how these pathogens cause those conditions according to their characteristics, thus assisting doctors to identify them more efficiently during treatment sessions with patients suffering from these ailments. 

In short, there’s a wide range of PhD subjects that you can choose from when seeking a PhD. The most common issues are those in the “arts, design and media” category and then again in the “business, administrative studies and communication studies” category. There are also other exciting options like environmental science or history of science. If you want something more specific, though (such as mathematics or chemistry), then your best bet would be to find out what courses are offered at your university to get into one of those! you may also get your PhD through Aimlay by choosing one of these subjects.

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