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phd in education

Becoming a teacher isn’t as easy as you think. There is a lot of research and classes to take before you even get your first teaching job. Whether you are an aspiring teacher or a current one, there are many reasons to get a graduate degree in education. You may want the additional PhD admission in Education, or want to advance your career in the field.  

Either way, there are several factors you need to consider before applying for a doctoral program. You will want an online program that is right for you and will help propel your teaching career forward. 

Why is PhD in Education essential? 

Earning a PhD in Education is not for the faint of heart. The Doctor of Philosophy in Education program is for those who want to advance their careers as education professionals. They become agents of change in the field of education.  

  1. This PhD admission program combines advanced-level research methods with practical applications to help you become a leader in your field. 
  2. The PhD in Education is an interdisciplinary and comprehensive degree.  
  3. While you will develop expertise in one or more specific areas, you’ll also take courses that give you a broad perspective on education, with the ability to apply your knowledge across disciplines.  
  4. You’ll explore the history and philosophy of education, learning theory, quantitative and qualitative research methods, curriculum development and design, school law and policy, social analysis, educational technology, teacher preparation programs, educational psychology, diversity studies, and other vital topics.  
  5. While earning this degree, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in world-class research from faculty members at one of the top education schools in the country. 

PhD in education

How to get a PhD in Education? 

A PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy, is a terminal degree that qualifies the holder for a career as an independent researcher and scholar.  

A PhD degree typically takes several years to complete, so it is essential to plan in advance and thoroughly research each potential program before applying. 

  1. Select a school with an accredited PhD admission program in your area of interest.  
  1. Check with each school to ensure that they offer both the type of program and the specific concentration you desire.  
  1. For example, if you wish to pursue a PhD in Education specializing in English. Look for schools that specifically offer this program rather than those which only offer a Ph.D. in Ed. with the desired specialization options. 
  1. Prepare your application materials according to each school’s individual requirements to which you apply.  
  1. Most applications will require at least one letter of recommendation from an academic mentor or professor who can attest to your intellectual abilities and achievements. 
  1. Proof of enrollment in an accredited undergraduate or graduate program;
    • transcripts documenting your coursework and grades;
    • standardized test scores;
    • several essays.  

A PhD in Education can enhance your Career Prospects: 

A PhD in Education is a terminal degree — the highest graduate education level. This degree provides students with a foundational understanding of educational psychology, theory, and practice.  

  1. Students learn how to conduct research and may choose to specialize in a particular level of education or subject area. 
  2. Once you earn your PhD in Education you will be prepared for the most advanced positions in education, including leadership roles such as superintendent, principal, curriculum specialist, or university professor. You may also be eligible for certification in some states. 
  3.  While a master’s degree usually takes about two years to complete, a PhD admission can take anywhere from four to seven years, depending on your academic background and specialization. 
  4. PhD admissions are available in all areas of education, from early childhood to special needs to higher education and everything in between. 

PhD in education

Know what you want to study: 

  1. Before you start a PhD admission program, you should have a clear idea of what it is you want to study.  
  2. This goal will help guide your research and studies.  
  3. If possible, look for a program that has strong faculty members working in your area of interest so you can work closely with them on your research and courses. 

A PhD in Education is a degree for people looking for a drastic change in society, uplifting the significance of education. By earning a doctorate in Education, you are able to: 

  1. Help with your professional development; 
  2. To increase your earning potential; 
  3. To serve others; 
  4. You can make a meaningful impact; 
  5. To pursue your passion.  

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