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A research paper and a review paper writing are two different types of documents. They have different purposes, purposes, and requirements. Research papers and review papers contain different information. The research paper contains original research work by the author, while the review paper is based on an existing source of knowledge. 

In this blog, let’s discuss the differences between research and review paper writing

What are Research Papers? 

A research paper is a type of essay where the main purpose is that it should present new ideas and information to the audience. The author of the research paper must provide facts, figures, graphs, and other types of written information that can support his/her argument(s).  

Research papers can be written on any topic, but they must be connected with one or more disciplines. 

A good example is when science students write their research papers on cell division or DNA synthesis. 

What are Review Papers? 

A review paper writing aims to provide readers with an overview of an article or book by reviewing its content, structure, style, and arguments. Reviews can be used to evaluate other people’s work or to assess one’s own work by comparing it with another’s work (i.e., peer reviews). Review papers are usually shorter than research papers because they are intended for wider audiences. 

Understanding the Main Difference: 

Research papers and review papers are two different types of writing assignments you will encounter in your academic career. 

Research paper writing: The research paper is a written piece that is required to answer the question, “What do we know about this topic?” 

Review paper writing: The review paper is a written piece that is required to answer the question, “What do we not know about this topic?” 

review paper writing

More about Research Papers: 

  1. Research papers present essential information that has been gathered from many sources. 
  2. The writer must cite his sources for all ideas used in this article. This can be done by using bibliographies or footnotes at the end of each page of your paper. 
  3. A bibliography is a list of all sources used within your article; it should be placed at the end of your work or on an appendix page in the principal body.
  4. Footnotes cite specific puotes or references not found within the text itself. 
  5. They should also be placed at the end of your work. Or on an appendix page if used as part of your principal body. 

More about Review Papers

  1. Review papers have a special role in scientific literature. They are one of the most common papers and are often used to measure an individual’s scientific contributions. It provides a summary of current knowledge on the subject while identifying gaps in that knowledge, and it may also offer suggestions for future research. 
  2. Review papers are most often written by scientists publishing in peer-reviewed journals, although they can be written by anyone with access to relevant information about the subject matter.  
  3. Review papers usually include an introduction and background information about their topic. It is related to other subjects, discussion of previous work on the subject, and research methods used to gather data from studies.  
  4. Usually conducted by others who have studied the same thing, conclusions are supported by evidence from these studies and any additional information needed to understand their findings and draw conclusions from them. 


What is a Literature Review? Is it similar to Review Papers? 

A literature review is a scholarly document that discusses the current state of knowledge on a topic. It may evaluate existing research quality and determine which works should be included in an analysis or synthesis. 

  1. A literature review can be conducted by anyone interested in a particular topic area. But it is usually performed by someone with some knowledge or training.
  2. The primary purpose of a literature review is to provide background information about a topic. So that the author can develop the ideas for a research paper or report. For this to happen, you need to know what your audience wants. You also need to understand what your audience wants from you. 
  3. A literature review is a critique of current literature. A literature review is similar to a research paper, but it is not as long and detailed.  

The main difference is that a literature review typically focuses on only one or two specific topics. Whereas a research paper can be more broadly focused and may include multiple sections. 

How does a Review Paper help form a Research Paper? 

A review paper is a summary of previous research on a topic. It can be either an objective or subjective analysis.  

The purpose of the review is to summarize the findings of previous research. Also to determine whether the results are valid and reliable.  

Review paper writing

This can be done by examining the research methods used in the studies and their design, measurement and statistical analysis. 

In addition to presenting information about a subject in its own right. Reviews also provide a context for future research by identifying areas that need to be addressed. Checks may be critical in identifying areas that require further investigation or discussion. They also help researchers focus their efforts on those areas that are most important to address.  

Tips for Writing Research paper and Review paper: 

A review paper has to be written. First, it includes the citations you might require while developing your research paper.  

While writing a research paper, you should inquire about every question that comes to your mind. And follow through with them appropriately. 

A review paper is not your final paper; it requires constant research and a table of contents, commonly known as the bibliography. With the help of a bibliography, you will have a clear list of items you need in-depth research. It will prevent you from getting confused and haphazard with your findings and research.  

Research paper

A research paper is a piece of writing that tries to answer a specific question. A review paper is typically shorter than a research paper and focuses on one main point or idea.

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