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Event Management Courses In India

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Graduation Level Courses
  3. Post-Graduation Level Courses
  4. Diploma Level Courses
  5. Courses after 12th
  6. Degree Level Courses
  7. Skills
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Event Management Courses in India are the art of planning, organizing and conducting events. An event can be anything from a corporate breakfast to a marriage ceremony to an event in the field of sports. In this article, we will discuss about different types of courses that are available in India for people who want to learn about managing events professionally. 

Graduation level event management courses in India: 

Graduation-level event management courses in India are offered by reputed universities. These include the following: 

  1. Masters in Event Management (MEM) from School of Hotel Administration, Kolkata 
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management (PGDM) from Amity University, Noida 

These programs cover the entire gambit of events and their planning, execution and management. They also provide students with a practical grounding that allows them to become proficient at their craft quickly. The course is available in both English medium as well as non-English languages like Hindi or Bengali depending on. What you desire from your diploma/degree program. 

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Post-Graduation Level Event Management Courses in India: 

Post-Graduation Level Event Management Courses in India

  1. MBA in Event Management with specialization.
  2. Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Event Management.

Post-Graduation in Event Management: 

The post-graduate course is an advanced degree that offers you a chance to learn more about the field and gain valuable experience before you decide where your career will take you. The most common types of post-graduate degrees include Master’s Degree, Doctorate Degrees, and PhD

Event Management Courses in India 

Many institutes in India offer event management courses. The duration of these courses can range from 1 year to 2 years and the course fee ranges from Rs 40,000 to Rs 5 lakhs depending on the institute. The content of these courses varies depending on the institute and may include topics such as: 

  1. Event Management 
  2. Public Relation 
  3. Social Media Marketing 

Event management has become an important part of marketing today because it helps. You engage with your audience in an engaging, fun and memorable way. 

A degree in Event Management can help you to get a job in the following fields: Corporate Event Management (CEM,) Government Event Management (GEM,) Meetings, Incentives & Conventions (MICE,) Tourism And Hospitality Industry. 

Events are the lifeblood of any industry. They help you build your brand, reach new audiences and increase sales. If you have a passion for planning and organizing events. Then an Event Management degree will give you the necessary skills to get a job in this exciting field. A career in this field requires organization skills, creativity and excellent communication skills. 

Event Management Courses in India

Diploma Level in Event Management: 

Diploma-level in event management are offered by many institutes. These include: 

  1. Professional Institute of Communication and Events Management 
  2. Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi 
  3. National Academy for Event Management (NAEM) 
  4. New Delhi Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)
  5. New Delhi International Institute of Management (IIM), Gurgaon and others. 
  6. The duration of these courses is 2 years. 

Event Management Courses after 12th 

After completing 12th, you can pursue a degree in event management. You can also pursue a diploma course in event management and do an online course. 

Event Management Courses in India are available at all levels. So there is no need to worry about your level of education or experience in taking up these courses. As they will cater to everyone’s needs. 

Students can also do an online course in event management. There are many institutes that offer these courses. They also provide you with the option of doing a part-time or full-time course. 

Degree Level Event Management Courses: 

Degree-level event management courses are offered by universities and colleges in India. These courses can be taken for a duration of 4-5 years, covering a wide range of topics such as event planning, event management, event marketing and sponsorship etc. 

An event management course provides valuable knowledge, skills and experience 

A good event management course will provide valuable knowledge, skills and experience. The course content is designed to prepare students for the real world of event management by covering all aspects of the event management process. 

Theory and practice are equally important in an effective education because they help you build your own theories on how you can apply them in your job or career field. 

You will learn about event planning, planning for events, event management etc. An event management course provides valuable knowledge, skills and experience. 

Event management courses provide valuable knowledge, skills and experience to students. It can help them gain the skills required for a career in the field of event management. Event management courses in India are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the essential skills of event planning and management. They will introduce you to all aspects of this exciting field including marketing, promotion and public relations. You will also learn about event planning, planning for events, event management etc. 

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