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AIMLAY’s Channel Partner

Aimlay has gathered a group of well-known Channel Partners with whom you can work to help make your business a success story! We are one of the leading providers of academic services and we have a team of enthusiastic and well-motivated professionals who have the customer’s interest at the top of their minds. 

We work with people from the education industry.  

These people are driven to serve the world with their knowledge and provide support who needs it.  

Aimlay provides you with a PAN INDIA opportunity to explore the markets, Recruitment, Training & Staffing.  

You can get a chance to become our Channel Partner and partner with us in this journey.  

We expect you to be: 

  1. Well-versed with the market dynamics –  
  2. Experienced in handling clients` expectations 
  3. Confident in meeting client’s requirements 
  4. Able to use technology for efficient work 
  5. A go-getter who is ready to expand the business pan-India with us. 
  6. Passionate about growth 
  7. Well connected and resourceful 
  8. A Team Player.  

We Take care of People’s Educational Needs and Build a Social Profile: 

  1. We are one of the top educational counselors for people trying to achieve in academics. Aimlay takes care of people’s educational needs and builds their social profiles.  
  2. As a Channel Partner, you would be the bridge between Aimlay and the students. You would be promoting Aimlay amongst candidates and professional networks, helping students with their courses, and eventually converting them into paid users. 
  3. The only requirement for becoming our Channel Partner is to have a professional network that you can leverage to generate business. Everything else is taken care of by us. 
  4. If you are a person who has leadership qualities, then you are welcome to become our channel partner.  
  5. We will train you and give you all the required support to run your own business successfully. 

Aimlay Provide out-of-the-way QUALITY SUPPORT, which one expects and requires:

  1. We aim to provide the products which are helpful and complete in all respects, and we want to be with our customers for life long.  
  2. We believe that there should not be any compromise on quality, honesty, commitment, and support. 
  3. Through our focus on Quality, we have exceeded customer expectations and delivered a level of service that is consistent and on time. 
  4. We provide out-of-the-way QUALITY SUPPORT, which one expects and requires while doing business with us.  
  5. This is possible because we have a team that believes in working together to achieve optimum results. 

Our Network of Educational Partners Comprises Great Benefits: 

We believe in creating a mutual benefit and trust relationship with our partners. We are always ready to extend our support, advice, and expertise to our partners.  

Aimlay’s courses are always keeping the end-user in mind. Our courses are on skill-building rather than being applications based. 

We have a variety of courses catered to the needs of different people: 

  • Career Courses: These courses are primarily toward students who have just completed their graduation or are pursuing some other course and want to start their careers.  
  • Corporate Courses: This section is for working professionals who want to boost their skills and knowledge to get that much-needed promotion or apply for a better job. 
  • Entrepreneurship Courses: These courses are a perfect choice for people who have an idea or a startup in mind and need guidance on how to make it successful without having any prior experience or knowledge about the field. 

So interested in alternative forms of income?. AIMLAY’s Channel Partner program is a great choice. As a prominent niche business, AIMLAY’s Channel Partner program allows you to target a small population segment, making it easy to reach your target audience. This opportunity is to leverage you to make a good money, be your boss, and manage your own time.

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