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Honorary Doctorate

Undoubtedly, the Honorary Doctorate is the peak of academic achievement. These inspiriting awards were in 1200 by the University of Paris to recognize services to the Church and scholars. During the European Renaissance, honorary doctorates gained popularity, with 20 universities awarding them from 1377 onwards.  

But how many people are worthy of this honor? What makes ‘YOU’ worthy of it? What makes it an outstanding achievement? And why is getting one so important?  

Hopefully, this blog post will answer all your questions and provide information on becoming an Honorary Doctorate holder yourself! 

What is an Honorary Doctorate? 

An honorary doctorate is an academic degree for which a university (or other degree-awarding institution) has waived the usual requirements, such as matriculation, residence, study, and the passing of examinations.  

  1. Honorary grants are for many reasons, but generally to honor people whose achievements merit recognition from the academic community.  
  2. In addition to formal recognition by an institution of higher learning,  
  3. It’s customary for recipients to get a diploma, a hood, and a reception. 
  4. The word honoris causa (“for the sake of the honor”) is Latin for an honorary degree.  
  5. The degree is to honor a distinguished visitor’s contributions to a specific field or society.  
  6. It is sometimes recommended that such degrees be listed in one’s curriculum vitae as an award, not a course. 
  7. The University of Bologna awarded the earliest known honorary degree in 1478 to Leonardo Bruni. 
  8. On the other hand, honorary doctorates are legitimate degrees by bona fide educational institutions and are not to be purchased. You must earn them! 

The Recognition of a Lifetime 

  1. It is an exciting time for you if are an honorary doctorate holder.
  2. This achievement is the highest academic degree comparatively, and you are now among those who are ultimate scholars in your chosen field.  
  3. Your honorary doctorate is a testament to all of the hard work that you have put into your career, and now it is time for you to enjoy this achievement. 
  4. For anybody, this degree can make them a wealthy person, but not with money; instead, with knowledge and empowerment.  
  5. Receiving an honorary doctorate can be long but worth it.   
  6. It may seem odd to see someone with no formal education receive an honorary doctorate.  
  7. Still, this degree is because people have dedicated their lives to pursuing knowledge and helping others learn more about the world around them. 

Who Bestows an Honorary Doctorate? 

  1. The honorary degree, or honorary doctorate, is an honor bestowed upon an individual by any institution of higher education.  
  2. It is a recognition of the recipient’s accomplishments and contributions to society. 
    Both public and private institutions award honorary degrees, and they may be given to individuals regardless of whether they have attended college or are affiliated with the institution. 
  3. Honorary degrees are not earned but given as an honor for a lifetime of achievement. A college or university usually grants the degree to recognize service to that institution or the world at large. 
  4. A large number of organizations will not award an honorary doctorate unless you have spent at least five years developing your field of expertise.  
  5. They want to know that you have created some meaningful body of work and have demonstrated a commitment to improving your knowledge through study and practice. 
  6. In addition, some organizations require that you have published at least one book or other major academic paper before they will consider giving you an honorary degree.  
  7. This requirement demonstrates that you have contributed significantly to the advancement of your field and are worthy of this high honor. 
  8. Honorary doctorates are by exclusive colleges and universities, including some of the most prestigious institutions globally, such as  
    • – Harvard University,  
    • – Yale University,  
    • – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),  
    • – Stanford University,  
    • – Columbia University,  
    • – And New York University. 

Add up ( Dr. ) without going to College  

When you get an honorary doctorate, there are no classes to attend or papers to write. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on tuition or rack up student loans.  

But the honor is real, just like your degree. 

Honorary doctorates are people who have made significant contributions in their field or are well-known in some way that benefits the school.  

  1. Sometimes they’re even for students who aren’t graduates yet, but will graduate in the future.  
    Sometimes the honorary doctorate is awarded along with an actual degree;  
  2. People can also get an honorary degree in one area and a regular degree in another.  
    According to Snopes, it’s perfectly legal for Oprah Winfrey to refer to herself as Dr. Winfrey because she received her honorary doctorate. 

Honorary Doctorate

For the fast-paced, entrepreneurially driven world, Honorary Doctorates are valuable and essential.  The degree certainly impresses your potential employers. Those who hold this academic title should feel proud of their achievement and wear it as a badge of honor in pursuit of their ultimate goals. 

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    Work and Leadership Experience : Mathematics Teacher for 27 years, Deputy Principal for 9 years, Principal for 5 years, Church Secretary for 15 years, Church Leader for 10 years, Founder and Executive Director of Gambare Science Academy for 7 years, Founder and Executive Director of Ekoram Kaizen Investments, Life Coach for 20 years, Writer of Leadership Aphorisms.
    In view of the above, I hereby wish to apply for an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Organisational Leadership. Your kind and prompt response is humbly awaited.

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