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A PhD in Political Science in India is a rigorous academic program that can take years to complete from admission. You will learn about the history and development of politics and other political science topics such as international relations, comparative politics, and many more. Throughout this process. You’ll be expected to pass all of your classes with high grades and demonstrate leadership skills through projects or research projects in class. 

What You’ll Learn in a PhD in Political Science in India? 

  1. You’ll learn about the political processes in countries around the world. 
  2. You can learn about how political systems work and how they have changed over time. 
  3. Here you can also learn about how political parties work and why some are successful and others aren’t so much. 
  4. You’ll be able to explain elections and their impact on governments worldwide. 

What to Expect in a PhD in Political Science in India? 

A PhD admission in Political Science in India is a research degree. You will be expected to conduct research and write a thesis, which is often multiple-authored. You will also be expected to teach classes at the university level. Or in an academic setting as part of your job as an assistant professor. If you’re lucky, this could even mean teaching students online via video conferencing or Skype! 

PhD admission 2023

You may also have opportunities for independent study or research projects outside of class; these can range from working on one’s project (i.e., writing up something original) to participating in seminars. And conferences hosted by other departments at the university where you are studying, etc. 

As for the job market, getting a job as an assistant professor is difficult. In most cases, you will not be able to land a post-doctoral position at a university without having completed your PhD admission degree. And then obtained some post-doctoral fellowship. Or grant that allows you to be an independent researcher with access to funding. 

Career Outlook of a PhD in Political Science in India: 

The job outlook for PhD in political science in India is good. 

The job outlook for PhD in political science has improved compared to the past and It’s better than most other fields. 

There are many different career paths for political scientists. If you are interested in academia, there is a high demand for professors. Who can teach and conduct research. If you are interested in government work, political scientists have a high demand to help with policymaking and problem-solving tasks. If you are interested in working in the private sector. There is a high demand for political scientists who can help companies understand public opinion.  

Political scientists typically need a PhD admission degree to find a job in academia or government. You can also get jobs in private industry with an undergraduate degree in political science or related fields. But it’s harder to break into this field without advanced training. 

Admission Requirements for PhD in Political Science in India 

To be considered for admission, you must have a minimum of a Master’s degree in Political Science. You can apply to your PhD Admission 2024 in India once. You have completed at least two years of full-time study at an accredited university or college. You should also meet the following requirements: 

  1. A minimum GPA of 3.5 on your undergraduate GPA (GPA is calculated by dividing your grade point average into the number of credits you took). 
  2. The GRE Verbal Reasoning Subtest (VRS) score should be at least 300 in both sections (VRS is an adaptive computer test that scores each response as either correct or incorrect). 
  3. A writing sample that demonstrates mastery of academic writing skills. Such as argumentation and organization 

Political Science

Where Can You Work? 

Depending on your area of expertise, you may be able to work in one of the following: 

  1. A college or university. If you’re looking for a full-time position, this is probably where your interests lie. You can use your PhD degree as part of an academic job description and build up experience. While also gaining valuable professional contacts that will help you later down the line when applying for jobs outside academia. 
  2. Think tanks or other organizations that spend time researching issues related to politics (like political science). These organizations often have specific needs related to research and analysis. That they need to be filled by PhDs with specific expertise in their field. At the same time many think tanks do not offer permanent positions at all times; some may offer temporary contracts (“internships”) during. Which time would-be interns can gain hands-on experience working directly under professionals responsible for developing policies within these organizations. 

With a PhD in Political Science in India. You can specialize in a certain field of political science and perform research, write papers, and teach. 

With a PhD in Political Science. You can specialize in a certain field of political science and perform research, write papers, and teach. You may work in academia or government. Or maybe even non-profit organizations like the Peace Corps! 

You’ll also have access to opportunities for travel abroad. And internships with foreign governments or NGOs (non-governmental organizations) throughout your studies. 

Here are some of the specialties you can choose from: 

  1. International Relations 
  2. Political Theory 
  3. Public Administration and Management 

A PhD in Political Science in India is a great way to complete your degree and advance your career. In the field, you can work with other researchers, research specific topics, write papers and books, and teach students at all levels, from high school to college.  If you want to complete your PhD degree in Political science. Then Aimlay will help you to Pursue your degree from UGC-approved universities.

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