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Management entrance tests are for those who wish to pursue a management career. These tests determine the level of management aptitude that an individual has, and are generally a part of the admission process for the top business schools around the world.  

There are different Management Entrance Tests in different countries and cities, so it’s important to check with your local area or with an international agency to see what will be most appropriate for you. 

There are many management entrance tests in India, those at the national level. Management entrance tests help the candidates to select the right course for them. The management entrance tests evaluate the candidate on various parameters like verbal ability, data interpretation, numerical ability, analytical aptitude, etc.  

These tests are for the following courses:

Management entrance tests are a type of entrance exam by many universities and colleges to select candidates for admission into management courses. These exams are for admission into various management programs such as BBA, MBA, PGDM and other post-graduate programs. 

Which Institutions Conduct these Tests Mostly? 

These tests are by various management institutes like IIMs, FMS, SPJIMR and many more. The UGC has also initiated such testing procedures and many other universities are also following this procedure. These exams test one’s verbal reasoning skills, logical reasoning skills and numerical ability among others. 

Here is a Brief Overview of the Popular Management Entrance Tests: 

Prerequisites of Some Management Entrance Tests –  Consists of several sections which test one’s knowledge of math, verbal reasoning, and general knowledge.  

Some tests even have a section that includes a creative component (such as essays).  

You have a limited amount of time, so it’s important to know how to manage your time wisely.  

In fact, this is one of the main things on the exam— So Make Sure you Practice! 
Each country has its own set of requirements when it comes to these exams, so double-check with your local agency before you decide which test you want to take. 

Below are Some of the Competitive Tests for your Management Course: 

Management Entrance Exams conducted by AICTE and affiliated with UGC: 
  1. AICTE conducts two main management exams for admission into MBA/PGDM courses in India. 
  2. These are the Common Admission Test (CAT) and Joint Admission Test for MCA (JAM).  
  3. Both these exams are conducted twice a year, in June and November respectively.  
  4. In CAT, there are two slots allotted for computer-based exams and four slots allotted for paper-based exams.  
  5. CAT is generally preferred by students who want to study abroad.  
  6. The second test conducted by AICTE is JAM, which is for admission into MCA programs that require an undergraduate degree in any discipline except computer science.  
  7. Here candidates are required to qualify in both Written Exam and Personal Interview (PI). 

Management Entrance Exams conducted by IIM’s: 

The IIMs are a group of government officials, autonomous institutes for management education in India.  

An important thing to note here is that the number of seats on offer at each of the IIMs varies every year, as per government regulations based on the number of applicants appearing for the entrance exam.  

The exam pattern also changes with respect to the number of seats available and so does the difficulty level of questions asked in each section. 

  1. The entrance exam for the IIMs – the Common Admission Test (CAT) 
  2. The CAT occurs twice: one in October and another in November. 
  3. The CAT consists of three sections: verbal ability and reading comprehension, logical reasoning and quantitative ability, and an analytical writing section with no time limit. 
  4. Management entrance exams are conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) for screening candidates for admission to their postgraduate management programs.  
  5. The exams are conducted twice a year, in the months of October and April each year.  
  6. These exams are one of the toughest examinations, as seats in these institutes are highly coveted.  
  7. The exam requires a candidate to have higher-order thinking and decision-making skills, besides technical knowledge. 

management courses

The exam is into three sections: Quantitative Ability, Verbal Ability and Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning.  

For each section solving time, there are approximately 20 questions within 60 minutes.  

There is negative marking in this exam. They deduct 1/3 of the marks for every wrong answer.   

The candidates need to obtain a minimum score in each section as well as an overall score in order to qualify for admission into their desired course: 

Formats of These Tests: 

The Entrance Exams are in three different Formats,  

The Objective Format:
  • The main purpose of the objective format is to test students on quantitative skills, data interpretation, and large datasets. This is a multiple-choice question paper with four sections viz., Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning and English Language. 

The Case Study Format:
  1. The case study format is a very common one. It states the fact, provides some details about it, and then asks questions related to it.  
  2. So you have to read the case study and answer the questions accordingly. While answering the case studies, you need to be as descriptive as possible while writing all the details and points regarding the particular case study.  
  3. The case study is usually on a topic of management so that you can relate to it better. 

The Interview Format:
  • Interview takes place by a panel including professors, working professionals, and sometimes business leaders themselves.  
  • The questions asked during this type of interview are mostly related to your career goals, achievements, and experiences from your previous jobs, or about your though process.  

Additional Information on Management Entrance Tests: 

  1. Management Entrance Tests (MET) are the most common way to apply for entry-level management positions in India. 
  1. The tests are at the national level by several independent companies, including AIMS, CMAT and XAT. These companies may also offer regional exams for particular states or cities. 
  1. There are two types of METs: one for undergraduate students and another for postgraduate students. 
  1. The former is more common than the latter, as many universities only offer postgraduate programs in management. However, there are some universities that offer a bachelor’s degree in management as well as a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). 
  1. Undergraduate METs are typically focus on math skills while postgraduate METs focus on knowledge of business practices and technical skills such as accounting or finance. 

management courses

One thing that’s important to remember is that these tests show off your strengths—not your weaknesses. If you have any doubts about yourself or your abilities, it may be hard to take up the tests. So don’t worry about being perfect! The most important thing is just showing off what makes you unique and interesting as an applicant so they can decide whether or not they want YOU on their team!

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