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Statement of Purpose

What is SOP? 

An SOP (Statement of Purpose) is a long essay required by universities abroad and nowadays some of the Indian universities during the application process. As the full form of SOP reveals, a Statement of Purpose is an essay stating the purpose of applying to a particular course in a particular university. This essay consists of a gist of who you are, who you want to become, and how ready you are to pursue a certain course in an institution. 

The document seeks to understand the candidate’s life, the motivations for the chosen career path and his/her goals. Hence, you should discuss the past incidents that have influenced your career path in a specific domain wherein you aspire to grow by joining a course/college in your SOP research.  

Why is SOP( Statement of Purpose ) important? 

A well-written SOP (Statement of Purpose) research is extremely critical to your admission. Needless to say, there are many aspects of a candidate’s application that are inspected before finalizing a decision. While the academic record and other exam scorecards/academic transcripts and backlog certificates are essentially objective in nature, an SOP (Statement of Purpose) is the only truly subjective aspect of your application. 

It is the only document in your application that gives you the opportunity to prove that you have something unique that makes you stand out from the crowd. As such, it is the document of your application  

Guidelines for SOP Writing 

While there are a number of formats and samples available online for an SOP (Statement of Purpose) that aspirants can use for SOP writing, however, it is difficult to choose the right format. Also, you would not find the correct formatting details required for a particular draft or the ideal chronology to follow. 

Each SOP should be unique and thus, Aimlay has its own guidelines for an Statement of Purpose to help the students decipher the parts of a statement of purpose so that it can be drafted easily.  

Should you put your name on your Statement of Purpose? 

In a traditional SOP (Statement of Purpose) research, you do not need to write your name or course details anywhere in the document. The SOP is a part of your application/student profile, thus, it will have your name and course details by default. However, there might be some universities or schools that specify whether they require your name and course details in the SOP. These universities will provide you with specific instructions on how and where to write your personal details in a document. Thus, you need to follow their instructions thoroughly. 

What do colleges look for in an SOP? 

While drafting your SOP (Statement of Purpose) research, you need to keep in mind that the admission committee will be reviewing thousands of applications for the same course. Thus, not only your Statement of Purpose needs to be crisp and precise, but it should also highlight the uniqueness in your profile. Here are a few things that the college review committee generally look for in a aspirants SOP: 

  1. Your writing capability is reflected in your SOP. Your Statement of Purpose should be free from grammatical errors. The language should be lucid enough for them to comprehend yet should have a good vocabulary. Make sure not to use too many heavy words as sometimes too much rich vocabulary makes the sentence redundant and it fails to communicate the meaning. 
  2. What makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd? Highlight your unique side/unique personality. The Adcom should be able to recognize you an as individual through your SOP (Statement of Purpose). Your interests and goals will help them know you on a personal basis. 
  3. With your talent, previous experiences and interest. How and what can you contribute to the department and college/university, as a whole? Think of it as a two-way process. If you receive an admit, your career will get a kick-start and through your efforts and participation, the department/college can receive benefits. You need to mention how you will be able to contribute to their community, be it through sports, community services, societies or clubs, and so on. 
  4. Being familiar with the university facilities and curriculum will help you a great deal. You need to be aware of the student programs, faculty, internship opportunities. Also the student facilities and societies, traditions etc. That sets the university apart from others. The University should be convinced that you know about the department and college/university thoroughly and thus, not applying randomly. 
  5. Your motivation or inspiration to study a selected course should be clear, evident and justified. Adcom does not approve of bragging sentences in the SOP (Statement of Purpose). So keep it original, real, and free from any overbearing or arrogant statements. 

How to make your SOP stand out from the Crowd? 

  1. Now that we have assessed how important your SOP (Statement of Purpose) is, we come to the important part. How to write an SOP that stands out among 1000s of applicants every year. There are obviously some basics about SOP writing, you need to keep in mind like general word limit, format, etc. 
  2. What is important to note, is that you must, at all times, remember which course you are writing the SOP. For example, if you want to study Computer Science in a country, discuss all your encounters, experiences of Computer Science. Do not miss out on anything important and do not talk about the rest of the things too much. 
  3. The SOP for an MBA application would be rather different from the Masters’s course. Similarly, the SOP for a Bachelor’s course would be widely different from any of the two. Here is a look at how to write a winning SOP (Statement of Purpose)

SOP( Statement of Purpose )

Since this is the closing paragraph, you should sound focused and prepared for all the challenges that came your way. With a zest in you to succeed, and this course will definitely shine in the industry globally.

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