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Government Employee Pursue PhD

If you are a government employee and have been job-hunting for some time, you may have heard about the possibility of pursuing a PhD degree. As working professionals, they require PhD assistance of sorts as to ease their process. This article will give you an idea about the involvement in how you pursue PhD degree and if government employees can do so. 

Do Government Employees require a PhD Degree? 

You should fulfil specific requirements before you can pursue a PhD degree. Such as completing your bachelor’s degree or getting an associate’s degree from a local community college. You must also have outstanding grades during your undergraduate years and have completed courses such as mathematics, science, English and foreign language for at least three years. 

A PhD Degree requires many years of study leading up to the completion of your dissertation project. It takes years of hard work and dedication on your part before you can take up this course. This can be very frustrating at times since so many people are applying for jobs while waiting for their doctorate degrees to be awarded by universities around the world. 

Government Employees For Master’s Degree Holders: 

Government jobs for master’s degree holders can be found in any government department. 

For example, suppose you have completed your graduation and now looking for a job. In that case, you can apply to the concerned department of your university and get selected as an employee. You may also look for any private organization or company with some connection with the ministry or department where you want to work. 

This is because there are so many companies which provide services to different departments of the government. Some of these companies include: 

  1. Department of Defense (NDMA) – Indian Navy 
  2. Indian Railways – Indian Air Force 
  3. Cabinet Secretariat – Cabinet Secretariat 
  4. Ministry of External Affairs – Ministry Of External Affairs 
  5. Ministry of Agriculture – Department Of Agriculture 

There isn’t any specific rule that says a government employee can’t pursue PhD Degree. However, a few things to consider before you go ahead with your plan. Take up PhD assistance to be on the right track.

First, it is essential to understand if you are eligible to pursue PhD Degree. Here are some eligibility criteria: 

1) You must be an Indian citizen or a Permanent Resident of India. 

2) You must not have been convicted for any criminal offence under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) provisions. 

3) The course of study must not be contrary to public policy, morality, or ethical issues. There will be no permanent representation or government interference in the course’s conduct. 

4) The course should not lead to employment in public service or promotion from within such services. 

Common Courses: 

Government jobs are highly competitive, and most companies do not allow their employees to pursue higher education after they have been hired. If this is the case for your organization, then pursuing a PhD Degree may be impossible for you. There are many courses that an employee can opt-in after he or she has joined the company. These courses include:  

1) Introduction to Management (IM)  

2) Introduction to Operations Management (IO)  

3) Finance (F)  

4) Marketing (M) 

PhD admission

How much time for Government employees to complete a PhD? 

To pursue PhD Degree you need to get approval from the University and your department. The approval process can be long and tedious. It takes about 3-4 years for a aspirants to complete his/her PhD Degree. However, there are many government jobs available for PhD holders. PhD assistance services might help you ease the process.

If you are a graduate of any recognized university then you can apply for government jobs at the end of your graduation. Research scholars and post-doctoral fellows can also apply for government jobs. 

Lastly, Is it allowed for Government Employees, and how different is it for Corporate Employees? 

Yes, you can. To pursue PhD Degree in any field of your choice, you need to have an appropriate qualification. Usually, there is a lobby for government employees to pursue PhD Degrees. They are given exceptional financial support by the government to pursue their PhD degrees. So, you can also apply for such financial aid if you want to pursue PhD. 

Government employees have the same opportunities as any other employee to pursue a PhD degree. The only difference is that government employees are often encouraged to stay within their field. While this can benefit the employee, it can also be limiting.

Corporate Employees:

A recent study found that the average person who pursues a doctorate in science or engineering does so because they want to advance their career and make more money. However, many people who get PhDs end up leaving their jobs afterwards. This is because they want to change careers or pursue another path entirely. 

It is not difficult for a government employee to pursue PhD Degree. Only if you have already secured an offer from a government institution like IIT, IIM or NIT then it would be difficult for you to pursue PhD degree in any other private university. But if you are looking for admission into any other private university, it is easy for you to get PhD assistance.  

Corporate employees can also opt for PhD assistance but they need to work harder than government employee. Corporate employees do not get paid as much as government employees while they are working on their PhDs and they have to pay all the expenses themselves. 

PhD degree

A PhD degree is a postgraduate academic degree. It can be obtained after completing a PhD program, and you will be able to pursue research in your chosen field. However, if you have received a government job offer and you are planning to pursue your PhD Degree, it is important to know whether or not your employer will allow you to do so. 

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