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Reward & Recognition

We at Aimlay are proud of our employees and their work to make us the happiest company in the world. In this wonderful year 2023, we want to show our appreciation and gratitude for the hard work that they do every day at this Rewards And Recognition Event. We want our employees to feel appreciated and valued, and we know that giving them rewards will help us achieve that goal. 

The Rewards And Recognition 2023 

The Rewards And Recognition 2023 is an annual event thrown by Aimlay that celebrates the best of their employees. The event has been going on since its inception and has grown to include more than just employee recognition and rewards. 

It’s also a time for Aimlay to show their appreciation for their employees’ hard work. The event includes food, drinks and entertainment for all of the people who attended the event.  

About Aimlay 

Aimlay is a global and top-notched educational and writing service platform for Working Professionals. It offers numerous courses from grade tenth till PhD, including: 

  1. PhD Assitance 
  2. Management Courses 
  3. UG/PG Assistance 
  4. Pharma Courses 
  5. Thesis Writing Support 
  6. and many more 

On top of a staggering variety of educational courses, Aimlay provides full-fledged assistance for PhD Admission in 2023 from the entrance to the completion of a doctorate. Aimlay has powerful connections and collaborations with multiple universities all over INDIA. Our team works as a helping hand and counsels the candidates. For over a decade now, AIMLAY has aimed to improve lives by providing accessible education for all working professionals at their convenience. Aimlay’s head office is in Delhi, with counselling centres all around India and internationally.  

Events that took place

The list of events included in the ceremony: 

A warm welcome at the Maiden’s Crown, Delhi. 

Let’s see the events that took place 

Entry for R & R Function at the Maiden’s Crown 

R & R Function at the Maiden’s Crown 

Employees of Aimlay are essential to Aimlay. Without our team member’s support and expertise, we wouldn’t have achieved 13 years of excellence. The Maiden’s Crown was decorated beautifully. 

It was a great venue for our company celebration. The food was delicious, and the service was excellent. The staff were very accommodating and went out of their way to ensure everything ran smoothly. 

Reward & Recognition

Delectable Cuisine: Breakfast at the R & R 

The breakfast at Aimlay is a sight to behold and a taste to remember. A wide variety of foods are served during this meal, this was a beautiful meal before the program began. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s even more crucial when you’re attending a company event. Starting the day with a nutritious and delicious meal can boost your energy, concentration, and mood, setting you up for a productive and enjoyable experience.

Reward & Recognition
Reward & Recognition

At our recent company event, we made sure to arrange a fantastic breakfast that catered to everyone’s preferences and dietary needs.

The Beginning: The Founder, Mr. RK Gupta & the CEO Mr. Gitesh Gupta 

A grand entry took place for the Founder & the CEO of the company with their wife and, children and other relatives. Everybody was beautifully managed by the company’s Manager. 

At Aimlay, we recently had the pleasure of welcoming our CEO, Mr. Gitesh Gupta, and our Director Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta with his wife Mrs. Vinita Gupta Mam, to our annual conference. Their grand entry was a memorable highlight that left everyone feeling energized and inspired.

As the music started playing, the lights dimmed, and the audience held its breath in anticipation, Mr. Gitesh Gupta and Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta with his wife Mrs. Vinita Gupta Mam walked onto the stage with confidence and grace. They were dressed in stylish outfits that conveyed their professionalism and approachability.

Mr. Gitesh Gupta and Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta opening remarks were full of enthusiasm and vision, highlighting Aimlay’s achievements over the past year and outlining the exciting plans for the future. Their speeches were peppered with anecdotes, quotes, and humor, making everyone feel like they were part of a big family.

The grand entry of Mr. Gitesh Gupta, and our Director Mr. Rakesh Kumar Gupta with his wife Mrs. Vinita Gupta Mam was not just a show of power, but a demonstration of the values that Aimlay cherishes: innovation, teamwork, customer focus, and integrity. It set the tone for a conference filled with engaging sessions, networking opportunities, and fun activities that brought our community closer together.

Reward & Recognition
Reward & Recognition
Reward & Recognition

Award Ceremony with our Family Members (Employees) & their Families: 

An award ceremony is always a special moment in a company event. It’s a time to recognize and celebrate the hard work, dedication, and achievements of employees who have gone above and beyond in their roles. But what if you could take the award ceremony to the next level by involving the employees’ family members?

At our recent company event, we did just that. We organized an award ceremony that not only honored the winners but also invited their family members to share the joy and pride of the moment.

  1. Employees and their families were awarded several trophies and accolades. The awards ceremony was attended by our executives, managers, and employees, who made us proud. 
  2. There were also many accolades given at this award ceremony to hardworking & extraordinary employees of Aimlay as well as our team members. Who made us proud with their efforts in achieving success for the company. 

Award with Family
Award with Family
Award with Family
Award with Family

A Celebratory Anthem composition by Aimlay 

The Anthem is a composition that has been composed to celebrate a special occasion. The anthem was newly composed for Aimlay. Celebrating its existence and importance. It’s created in the way of people in unison or individually. 

Aimlay Anthem

A Hot Special Lunch for Everyone 

they hosted a grand lunch event that left attendees impressed and satisfied. The event was held in a beautifully decorated ballroom, and the atmosphere was exciting and exciting. 

As the guests entered the ballroom. They were greeted with an impressive display of culinary delights. The lunch was a gastronomic feast that showcased that everybody liked the food. The menu was carefully curated cuisines crafted to perfection and presented with artistic flair. 

A Heartwarming & Inspiring Speech by our CEO Mr. Gitesh Gupta 

In a heartwarming and inspiring speech, our CEO Mr. Gitesh Gupta explained. How Aimlay was created in response to a need for an organization. That would provide its employees with a sense of purpose. He also spoke about the values that drive the company. Including respect for each other and the environment; focus on innovation. 

Mr Gupta also shared how Aimlay’s mission is to positively impact society and create value by doing so. The company believes strongly in treating everyone with respect regardless of race/ethnicity/religion or gender identity/expression and ensuring fair treatment when dealing with customers or suppliers at all levels within our organization. Including top management down through every employee level (including interns). 

CEO Speech

Mesmerising Dance Performances by our Employees. 

Mesmerising Dance Performances by our Employees. 

Employees dance to pretty songs with attractive costumes and perform it for the office staff. They also sing, dance and perform various activities to entertain their colleagues. 

Dance Performance
Dance Performance

End of the Rewards And Recognition 2023 

The Rewards And Recognition 2023 was a success. It was an example of how to do something right and set the stage for future events like this one. Everything about the event went according to plan: with an enthusiastic anchor on stage who kept us engaged throughout the event. 

The people behind this event deserve credit for all their hard work. They worked tirelessly throughout each planning phase, so everyone had fun learning valuable skills! 

A Dancing Gala for Everyone! 

We are all in it together. 

That’s why we have a dancing gala for everyone, with a dance performed by the children, team members and family members. The Aimlay family has been serving with their hearts out and dancing with all the cheers of being recognized for their hard work. 

Children Performance

With Aimlay, become the person you want to be 

In Aimlay, you can be yourself and achieve your goals. Aimlay is where you can build your career, make friends, and grow. 

Aimlay is an online platform that helps people who want to achieve their goals by working on them together in a safe environment. 

Work Order Department
CRM Team
Admin Department


We hope this article has helped you understand how Aimlay will help you achieve your goals in life. If you are looking for ways to become the better version of yourself, then look no further than Aimlay! We have many exciting upcoming events, so ensure you don’t miss out on them. We look forward to seeing all of our dedicated employees again at their annual event! 

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