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What is the scope of your dissertation?


The dissertation must follow a logical structure and provide a comprehensive and systematic account of the student’s scholarly work. It may include work from submitted, accepted or published journal articles with or without co-authors. Other scholarly artefacts such as film and other audio, visual, and graphic representations, as well as application-oriented documents such as policy briefs, curricula, business plans, computer and web tools, pages, and applications, etc., may be included as long as they are described and analyzed in a scholarly context. 

The dissertation should demonstrate the student’s ability to: 

  • Analyze the relevant literature critically. 
  • Use and describe in detail the appropriate methodology for the scholarly work that is being completed. 
  • Conduct research and present findings that contribute significantly and uniquely to knowledge. 
  • Examine knowledge claims and sources thoroughly. 
  • Place the dissertation’s work and findings within the larger field or discipline context. 
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