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What is the process of thesis writing?

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Many PhD aspirants found it difficult to start their PhD’s. The very first thing is that, it has to be written in English, which is not first language of many. Generally, it took four to five years to complete PhD and the person should make a plane accordingly, otherwise compiling at the end of it would be disastrous. 

  1. To start first thing first 
  2. Do you have enough data to satisfy objectives of the study 
  3. If yes then find a suitable statistician and get help to analyze your data 
  4. after finishing analysis tabulate it according to objectives, like arrange the tables in accordance with objectives that you have listed in your synopsis. 
  5. First write a description of the tables. 
  6. After the description, start writing the discussion.
  7. Discussion is the most important section of your thesis. You should invest maximum time in this chapter. Even after completion, revisit and improve it. 
  8. Research methodology, review of literature, land, and people (for social sciences) should be written after the discussion. Lastly, the literature review, land, and people (for social sciences) should be written after the debate, and lastly, the introduction should be noted at the end. 
  9. Many universities and disciplines have different patterns of writing and styles. you should adhere to them. The Basic tips that you should follow, I have listed above. If anything, more is required then it is best to talk to your professor/mentor. Don’t feel shy to ask for help from your friends for review or proofreading or even editing. 
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