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What is a Thesis? Explain Thesis Writing in detail:


Thesis is a formal academic research paper that you write in your chosen field of studies. It can be done as part of a degree program or when you are doing your PhD. 

Thesis writing is a process that takes place over several stages. The first stage is to create an outline of the thesis proposal and begin collecting data from the literature. This is followed by writing down the introduction, body, and conclusion of your thesis proposal. You will then prepare an analysis of your data and write up results and conclusions of your analysis. 

At this point, you are ready to submit your thesis proposal for approval by your supervisor or supervisor’s supervisor. If approved, you will submit it with all necessary supporting documents to a copy center where it will be scanned into PDF format for final submission to the department at which you are working or department at which you are studying for final approval by your supervisor. 

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