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How to write the body of a research paper?


The body of your research paper should support your thesis statement by building on your research topic and helping to answer the main question behind your research. You will present evidence, analysis, and discussion in the essay’s body. The body is divided into paragraph groups: a topic sentence, additional supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence. 

Topic Sentences 

The topic sentence is usually located in the first sentence of each body paragraph. It should quickly summarize what you are trying to prove with that paragraph’s content. The paragraph supports the thesis statement by giving specific information about the topic, including descriptions, facts, and quotes from credible sources. 

Supporting Sentences 

Each group of paragraphs has supporting sentences that provide more details about the main point of that group. These sentences help prove or link together aspects of the topic to support your thesis statement. 

Concluding Sentence 

Include a concluding sentence at the end of each paragraph group to link together with your ideas and help move readers smoothly from one point to another. 

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