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How to Overcome the Fear of Research Paper Writing?


Writing a research paper is a challenging task, and the most challenging part of it is getting started. Primarily if your instructor hasn’t assigned any topic and you have to develop ideas for your project independently. 

We know your fear is real! 

It’s not uncommon to experience anxiety when starting college, especially when the first significant assignment. Many students share their concerns about not having enough time or understanding what to do. 

If this is how you feel about research papers, consider these tips to help you overcome the fear of writing one: 

Plan Your Time 

Students’ biggest problem while writing their research papers is a lack of time. If you’re afraid that you’ll be late with your project, start working on it now — don’t postpone it. Create a plan and follow it step by step. 

Choose a Topic and Start Your Research 

It’s easier to write on a topic that inspires and interests you — choose something in your field of study and narrow it down to an exciting idea.  

Once you’ve selected a topic, start researching right away. The more information you find, the easier the writing process will be later.  

You can use textbooks, scholarly articles, academic journals, newspapers, or even interviews with experts in the field. 

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