What is Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is a field of engineering that involves the design, construction and maintenance of works necessary for the efficient operation and welfare of a city or country.

1. Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is a field of PhD in civil engineering in India that focuses on the study of loads and their effects on structures.

2. Hydraulic Engineering

The field of  hydraulic engineering is a branch of civil engineering that focuses on the design and maintenance of coastal structures, such as seawalls and jetties, as well as inland waterways and rivers.

3. Transportation Engineering

The main focus is on the design and implementation of transportation systems, including highway planning, traffic control devices (e.g., lights), roadways and bridges

4. Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering is the study of foundations, soils and rock mechanics. A geotechnical engineer can work on projects that have to do with roads, dams, buildings and bridges.

5. Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is a professional engineering discipline that incorporates broad scientific disciplines such as chemistry, biology, ecology, geology, etc.