PhD Economics Admission 2024: Eligibility, Syllabus, Scope, Top Colleges

Passionate economist with a strong research background seeks admission to the PhD program in Economics 2023 to contribute innovative insights.


PhD in Economics eligibility typically requires a master's degree in economics or a related field, strong academic record, and research aptitude.


PhD Economics Syllabus: Advanced Micro/Macro, Econometrics, Game Theory, Policy Analysis, Research Seminars, Dissertation.


PhD in Economics explores advanced economic theories, policy analysis, and research methodologies, shaping experts for academia, government, and industry.

Top Colleges

– Mangalayatan university (Aligarh) – Amity University – Noida, Uttar Pradesh – Sunrise University – Alwar (Rajasthan) – Manav Rachna – (Haryana)

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