Prafull Billore that we know today as MBA Chai Wala is a youthful entrepreneur from the Dhar District of Madhya Pradesh. At the age of 25, he came a celebrity and social influencer for youth. 

After failing the CAT test doubly, for motivating himself he kept on reading books about the success stories of numerous celebrities and entrepreneurs. likewise, he studied the request and interacted with numerous people.

Praful ever got admission for MBA courses in another Institute. But he kept on allowing about how to earn money.

Inspired by Mac Donald, he joined the company and worked for around two months. While working with Mac Donald, he decided to start a tea-dealing business.

While starting his Tea selling business he had just 8000 Rs. in his fund.

Prafulla insisted on active participation in social and political affairs and gave opportunities to expand his business. He started franchising his business and came a veritably big brand in just 2 years of struggle.

He showed his journey to the people so that people can get inspired by his story and they too can become a successful person.

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