Biology in PhD: Admission, Syllabus & Colleges

What is a PhD in Biology?

A PhD in Biology is the highest academic degree, focusing on advanced research and expertise in biological sciences.

Admission Process

PhD in Biology admission: Application, transcripts, references, GRE scores, interview, research proposal, and academic qualifications.

Eligibility Criteria

A Bachelor's degree in Biology or related field; strong academic record; relevant research experience; GRE scores may be required.


PhD in Biology Syllabus: Advanced Genetics, Ecology & Evolution, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Research Methods, Seminar, Dissertation.

Top Colleges

Mangalayatan university (Aligarh) Amity University – Noida, Uttar Pradesh Sunrise University – Alwar (Rajasthan) Manav Rachna – (Haryana)

Future Scope

PhD in Biology: Explore emerging fields like synthetic biology, genomics, and biotechnology for a promising future.

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